Free Enterprise Zone “Tvardita” is situated on the south of the Republic of Moldova in Bulgarian town Tvardita from Taraclia district. Railway communications are passed at a distance of 12 km from the Free Enterprise Zone (station Ceadir-Lunga). Asphalt road of republican status links the territory of FEZ “Tvardita” with the rest territory of the republic.

In ZSP «Tvardita» work 5 residents:

Wine-brandy factory «Zolotoi Aist»
Wine-brandy factory «Moldavskii Standard»

The territory of FEZ “Tvardita” is fenced. The Free zone is guarded by the State Security Department of MIA (Ministry of Internal Affairs) of the Republic of Moldova, on the territory of zone the customs station is operating.
The FEZ “Tvardita” has the infrastructure necessary for opening of any production: asphalt approach roads are available, electrical power and gas pipeline are connected, artesian well, water supply system and sewerage system are available. In Tvardita village is enough potential of labor force. At a moment within the FEZ “Tvardita” are built two wine and cognac plants and three workshops of:

  • Bulgarian sheep cheese production, meat processing, pharmaceutical product manufacturing. All the projectsare invested by the foreign capitals.
    Administration of the FEZ “Tvardita” is ready to examine any proposals on investment and opening of a production relating to projects on fruits and vegetables processing as well as production of any other foods.
  • The projects relating to production of consumer goods such as furniture, sewing, leather and shoe workshopsalso are of priority in consideration at tender committee.
  • Investment has to be directed to creation of the enterprises where will be used advanced technologiesand export-oriented production that could compete with the analogous production manufactured in other

The main outlet for the enterprises of Free Enterprise Zone “Tvardita” is CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independent States), firstly Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus. The actual residents of Free Zone have been already created their networks of wholesale customers in these countries. Administration of the FEZ “Tvardita” helps their residents in every possible way in creation of their own outlet using existing relations with the actual residents attracting the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova to collaboration, and being in contact with other free economic zones in the Republic of Moldova as well as in other countries.
Investors who directed their investments to creation of the enterprises in free enterprise zone “Tvardita” will receive all kinds of help on the part of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, district and local authorities in decision-making of all appeared problems.

Administration of the FEZ “Tvardita” invites the investors for creation of the enterprises of fruits and vegetables processing, other agricultural products, food and consumer goods production within the territory of Free Enterprise Zone “Tvardita” situated in region where Bulgarian people live compactly and are hospitable and always will help to the investors.
Tel.: (+373 291) 6 30 99; (+373 291) 6 34 54
Mob.: (+373) 69 37 18 40